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The Challenge

The Problem: An Epidemic of Trauma and Toxic Stress

Stress shrinks the prefrontal cortex, the area of the brain responsible for memory and learning. Stress decreases bone density and muscle, raises blood pressure, reduces your immunity and ability to heal, can lead to eating disorders associated with heart disease, addictions and more. Stress kills. Yet, it is often not taken seriously. And that makes traumatic stress even more of a threat.

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An Evidence-Based Approach

To date, more than 400 studies have been conducted at over 100 independent universities and research institutions and published in top, peer-reviewed scientific journals on the effects of the Transcendental Meditation technique for addressing problems caused or exacerbated by trauma and chronic stress. These findings are revolutionizing the way science and medicine treat stress.


average decrease in insomnia among veterans practicing TM – Journal of Counseling and Development

“Transcendental Meditation has taken the stress out of my life – it has allowed me to relax. The anger is gone, the irritability is on a lesser scale, and I’m sleeping. I used to get three hours of sleep a night, but since I started TM, I’m often getting eight to ten hours a night.” 

Jace Badia, Service-disabled Iraq veteran
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Our Partners

We work with government agencies, underserved schools, veterans service organizations, domestic violence centers, correctional institutions, and addiction treatment facilities to implement onsite TM-based programs and fund independent research to evaluate outcomes.

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