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Women & Children

One in every four women will be assaulted by a spouse or intimate partner during her lifetime. Over 250,000 children are forced into trafficking each year. In the military, thousands of sexual assaults are reported annually. Those who experience this trauma can suffer flashbacks and haunting memories, insomnia, anxiety, depression, shame and self-hatred, substance use disorder, and other symptoms.

The David Lynch Foundation’s Women’s Health Initiative partners with important organizations who serve these women, such as the NYC Manhattan Family Justice Center, as well as with leaders in the fields of domestic violence and human trafficking across the U.S., to heal and empower survivors through Transcendental Meditation.


decrease in symptoms of post-traumatic stress – The Permanente Journal

“I am not in defense mode. I am less anxious with people. I feel happier to interact. I feel that I am a better person to myself. I love TM and this will be a lifelong practice.”

Domestic violence survivor
More Research

TM has shown to be twice as effective as conventional approaches for reducing alcoholism and substance abuse, and twice as effective as other meditation and relaxation techniques for reducing anxiety. Key findings include:

  • Reduced flashbacks and bad memories
  • Greater resistance to stress
  • Twice the effectiveness of conventional approaches for reducing alcoholism and substance abuse
  • 42% decrease in insomnia
  • Improved quality of life

To learn more about the Women’s Health Initiative, please contact:

“With TM, the trauma no longer scars me or my family. We are happier, stronger, and capable of handling anything without violence. It’s opened up a whole new world for us.”

Domestic violence survivor

Partner With Us to Support Women & Children

Together we can help heal the trauma and improve the health of millions of at-risk children and adults and help create a healthier, happier, more peaceful community. Interested in becoming a partner? Click here to contact us.

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