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Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr Collaborate for TM in Schools

Presents “Change Begins Within” Benefit concert for Transcendental Meditation in American schools.

“There are 4 surviving U.S. Presidents… but only two surviving Beatles.” – LA Times

On one night, music history was made… ”

A surreal, indescribably awesome experience seeing Paul and Ringo reunite.” – Entertainment Weekly

From Oscar-winning film director David Lynch, Change Begins Within. Sheryl Crow – ” This event to me is one of the most important events to happen in our history.”

Eddie Vedder – ” You know ideas, they’re the best thing going. And it really stuck with me that this one, in particular, is one of the better ideas.

A benefit connect for a great cause.

David Lynch – ” You know I remember when I first heard that some little kid brought a gun to school. And then you start hearing all these problems. And then, they introduce they technique where the student can dive within and enliven that inner happiness, inner intelligence, inner creativity and love and they see the problems start evaporating.”

Paul McCartney – “So the idea of what you’re doing, of putting this into schools, I think is a fabulous thing. To me it’s like a seed that it’s for sure if you take a great seed, an acorn, it’s pretty guaranteed you won’t get an oak tree. But if you put it in the ground there is a very good chance you’ll get an oak tree. It seems to me that that’s what you’re doing. So that’s why I’m so happy to do the concert.” “It involved the maximum amount of happiness that the human frame can take.” – The New Yorker

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