The David Lynch Foundation conducts research and studies on the results of our Women’s Health Initiative – an initiative to bring the evidence-based Transcendental Meditation technique to women and children survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault. Our findings include:

  • 35% of women experience reduced anger, anxiety, depression, and fatigue
  • 51% of women show improvement in quality of sleep

Over 350 studies have been published on the beneficial effects of Transcendental Meditation on mental and physical health. Additional findings on the benefits of TM for survivors of domestic violence and sexual abuse include:

  • Reduced flashback and bad memories (Military Medicine 176 (6): 626-630, 2011)
  • Greater resistance to stress (Psychosomatic Medicine 35:341-349, 1973)
  • Twice the effectiveness of conventional approaches for reducing alcoholism and substance abuse (Alcoholism Treatment Quarterly 11: 13-87, 1994)
  • 42% decrease in insomnia (Journal of Counseling and Development 64: 212-215, 1985)
  • TM is twice as effective as other relaxation techniques for decreasing trait anxiety (Journal of Clinical Psychology 45 (6): 957-974, 1989)
  • Improved quality of life (Military Medicine 176 (6): 626-630, 2011)