(August 30, 2015) The Huffington Post – Thanks to the continues research touting its advantages, meditation has hit the mainstream. More and more people are willing to give it a try, often despite a measure of initial skepticism. Nowhere is that more true than in the workplace, where everyone from C-suite executives to entry-level assistants can share in the multitude of benefits.

“More and more companies are offering meditation rooms and allowing employees to meditate on company time, because if you’re dragging at 4 p.m., and you have to keep going until 6 or 7 p.m. and you’re just exhausted, you don’t want to just grab a tenth cup of coffee,” said Bob Roth, a renowned meditation teacher based in New York City.

“To slip away for 20 minutes of [meditation] and come back feeling like your brain just woke up is far more valuable,” he added.

That’s where the David Lynch Foundation, oh which Roth is executive director, comes in. The star-studded nonprofit is known for bringing free Transcendental Meditation training to at-risk populations, but now it’s branching out to corporate environments.

Through the Foundation, Roth and his fellow meditation teacher Joanna Pitt have partnered with the New York City-based Center for Leadership Performance to bring the practice of transcendental meditation into workplaces nationwide. And they’ve noticed that business is brisk.

“The trajectory of this program has gone through the roof in the past 12-18 months,” said Roth, who now runs trainings everywhere from banks and hedge funds to schools, hospitals, and professional sports teams.

The five-step course includes an hour-long group introduction to the practice, individual 90-minute meetings with a Transcendental Meditation teacher, and then three group follow-up meetings so participants can continue building their practice.